The Dolphin

Are you contemplating a career change?

The Dolphin

You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough

Mae West

The Dolphin tool

A great step forward in mapping your ideal future

To get you started, here’s the Dolphin Tool. This tool, by gathering everything in one drawing, helps you spot themes, interests, passions which inform what you do next. It’s a great step forward in mapping your ideal future.

So here we go: without worrying about your drawing ability, grab a large piece of [preferably] A2 paper and a few different coloured pencils.

Make yourself a coffee or maybe something stronger, spread the paper out across the floor/desk and unleash your biggest, drawing of a Dolphin. For added spice, get the kids or friends to help you draw it. Smile – this should be fun.

Once you have the body of a dolphin drawn, grab a different coloured pencil and write in the middle of the Dolphin’s body – PRESENT SELF. Towards the back of the dolphin’s body write PAST SELF and towards the front of the dolphin’s body write FUTURE SELF.

Using either post-it notes or a different coloured pencil directly on the drawing, populate the PRESENT SELF section with things you like to do. Let your pencil go wild .. .it could be activities, achievements, interests, passions – the more specific the better. Write everything down as it comes into your head. There’s no right or wrong, just a flow of ideas. If you want to see mine for a bit of a thought-starter – click here.

Repeat the exercise for your PAST SELF and then again for your FUTURE SELF. In the future section, you should add in things you dream about doing and things that push you out of your comfort zone.

Once you have unloaded all your thoughts, spend some time looking for recurring themes and insights about yourself through the three stages. Ask yourself:

– What’s this telling me about what I love/don’t love? – What is it telling me about my future?

You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough

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