My Approach

An effective thinking partnership means you gain personal insights and the agency to act on them

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The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.


A flexible approach

Coaching is a purposeful conversation between two people where one of them is doing a lot of thinking

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Each client’s situation and motivation is unique. We start by ascertaining what you want to gain from coaching. The end you seek, what success will look like and how you will know when you’ve got there. This informs the process.   I am drawn to neuroscience with the emphasis on opening up people’s imagination as to the ideal state for themselves and their organisation. The neuroscience approach is championed by Richard Boyatzis in his definitive text ‘Helping People Change’. By activating people’s positive emotions and neural networks they gain belief, confidence and commitment to their vision.   I combine neuroscience with carefully chosen techniques timed in accordance with your progress. For example, Barrett Values is an excellent tool for anchoring personal values.   I also rate solution focussed coaching. This draws out your strengths based on previous success and achievement. This technique guides you to harness your signature strengths. We look for clues for the future in what’s worked before, what has brought you joy, satisfaction and a feeling you are living your true values – the ideal self not the ought self. Chairwork [aka gestalt technique] is invaluable to address the society of selves in all of us.  By that I mean the little voices that can sometimes help and sometimes hinder. We all feel like impostors at some point or another Whenever we tackle something new, we’re an impostor, so the syndrome is perfectly natural. Chairwork allows us to figure out the trigger, origin and purpose of the voices. Once we understand them, we have a better chance of controlling their volume and input. It may sound like mumbo-jumbo, but trust me, it drives self-awareness to beneficial new levels. In summary, my approach is a blend based on the rhythm and outcomes of our sessions.  

Who does it work for?

My purpose is to help like-minded people achieve their extraordinary

People who have done well but are not done.

People that want more joy, purpose and fulfilment in their lives.

People looking to make even more impact.

People ready to discover their next adventure.

People who want the assurance of personal due diligence

People feeling restless.

People trying to get out of a rut – and make their life into a memorable story.

People overwhelmed by their to-do list.

People at the top of their game but pondering the next chapter.

People who have outgrown their position and want to know what’s next.

People seeking to map out and determine their future success.

People looking to make a well informed decision.

People needing to get more out of life.

See who I’ve helped

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Discover your next adventure.

Unleash your extraordinary

  For people who want to get more out of life and seek a thinking process to give them the assurance and confidence to make bold decisions and/or changes. People who want more clarity of thought, a pathway to what’s next, a clear sense of purpose. For people who want to feel needed and useful. People who are highly driven but humble enough to know an independent, trusted thinking guide would help. I’m Mack and it’s my privilege to create a thinking process for you.