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Frequently Asked Questions

Fundamentally, I believe it does because we all need an outside perspective to help us understand ourselves in all our strengths, passions, ideals, habits, values and blind spots. It’s impossible to walk around what you are doing however technically proficient you are – that’s why Federer has a tennis coach and Atul Gawande regularly asks a mentor to observe him in his surgery. They are both world class in their discipline yet humble enough to keep learning and improving. I love the idea that Federer still thinks he can improve his backhand! But the real proof of all of this stuff is to ask my clients

A supportive, challenging thinking partner who will help you get the best out of yourself and those around you. To the question, can I improve? Most of us know we can, but it’s hard to do it using just your own lens.

See answer to question 1 – if you don’t get it from that answer you are on the wrong site.

It depends on the desired outcome, the number of sessions and the duration of the partnership. Do get in touch to discuss this further. You need to be ready to invest in yourself and not view it as a self-indulgence.

This depends. Typically coaching partnerships are between 6 to 12 months but in some cases e.g. with entrepreneurs on a steep growth trajectory, I check in with clients every 3 to 4 months on an ongoing basis. Regardless, I always check in with my clients 12 months after the coaching has finished – I love to see how they are progressing post coaching.

Technology means there are no boundaries although I do prefer to mix online coaching with face to face interaction. My current clients range from Edinburgh to Plymouth. Given I believe in the power of beautiful places and travel to help us to shake up our perspectives, I am open to clients overseas.

My expertise is drawing out the wisdom, drive and genius of my clients. How they use it in the world is up to them. I prefer to work with leaders who are meliorists, in other words, they are trying to make the world a bit better – check out Tom Kay from Finisterre for an example of a leader who does this.

Diplomatically, I would say you have a much greater chance of realising your full potential and living your ideal life with the help of a coach but it’s not for everyone. Something usually triggers you to seek it out whether it’s a yearning for more from life or a piece of meaningful feedback at work.

More compassionate leadership & culture. Higher performance. More purpose and meaning for colleagues and the ecosystem of your business.

This is surprisingly simple to answer. Has the client shifted and made the changes they set out to make? Are they more self-aware, more compassionate if they are a leader, and are they living their ideal life? If the answer is no, we may have more work still to do.