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Purposeful conversations for midlife career changers

Purposeful conversations for midlife career changers

I’m a thinking guide creating the conditions for you to make the changes you desire

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Live life to the fullest

Be true to your values and personal vision to get more out of life

For people who want to get more out of life and seek a thinking process to give them the assurance and confidence to make bold decisions and/or changes. People who want more clarity of thought, a pathway to what’s next, a clear sense of purpose. For people who want to feel needed and useful. People who are highly driven but humble enough to know an independent, trusted thinking guide would help. I’m Mack and it’s my privilege to create a thinking process for you.

If you are not in over your head,
you’ll never know how tall you are

TS Eliot

For restless midlifers

Pondering the next chapter?

You understand you’re the seeker of a new direction. My job is to help you draw and define the map. Discover your next adventure.

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For purpose led entrepreneurs & founders

Keen to find your higher leadership gears?

Helping you to be an even more effective leader and to build first class culture and to enjoy the performance that flows from it. Discover your extraordinary performance.

Discover your next adventure


Your Curiosity

Maybe you’re a professional who’s outgrown their position and wants to know what’s next; maybe a leader who wants to inspire and knows they have more to give; or perhaps an entrepreneur who needs to achieve goals and fulfil a purpose. Whoever you are, I salute your curiosity.

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Free Discovery Session

It starts with the simplest of things – a meaningful conversation. Book in for a chat, and over an hour or so we’ll know if there’s a good fit – the natural rapport and trust which is the foundation of an effective partnership.

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Thinking Partnership

We’ll work through your desired outcome, what coaching is and what it isn’t and shape a strategy for your future. We’ll also cover off vitals like confidentiality and boundaries. As a certified ICF coach, I am big on ethical standards and my own professional development too.

magic happens here.
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Meet Mack

Let’s face it, life is short and health is a blessing. If you’ve reached 40 then you have about two thousand weeks left – might as well make the most of them.  I just love helping people get the most of out of themselves and their life.   If you are feeling restless, approaching a crossroads, wondering if there’s more to life, it might be time to do some structured thinking. I create the space and conditions for you to do the sort of thorough thinking that leads to better decisions. Don’t take my word for it, check out what my clients say.  

Julian Mack CEO

The scariest moment is always just before you start.

Stephen King

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The Six Pack

15 minutes, 6 meaningful questions. Try it on your own, or, involve someone close to you. Send me your responses. I’d be fascinated to see them. Start your journey today.

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